Sunday, October 12, 2008



Still, Nelson Hallonquist


on 10.24.08 starting at 7:00 pm

One MINUTE/ One NIGHT is a participating exhibition that is part of the Le Flash: Nuit Blanche program that is taking place on October 24, in Castleberry Hill, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. One MINUTE / One NIGHT is curated by Carolyn Carr and Michael Gibson at Garage Projects. Nuit Blance is organized by Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler.

Garage Projects is located in the building Stable 1897.
During the One MINUTE/ One NIGHT presentation, Garage Projects' exhibition space will be expanded to includes 5 locations with in and on the building Stable 1897. This will be the first exhibition in the newly configured media driven exhibition space, designed by Nicholas Storck. From this exhibition forward, the programming at Garage Projects will be dedicated to new media and old technology.

Artist curators Carolyn Carr and Michael Gibson offer a special screening of 28 one-minute videos in and around Garage Projects. The only limitation for this international call was for works to be one minute in length. Out of this call came a natural grouping that begged for five independent viewing spaces. This grouping was further governed by the works content, style, and/ or context-- whether in the arrangement of works in various and sometimes improbable exhibition spaces or relationships of works to each other.

The Venues at Stable 1897

I Façade-- Selected works to be arranged to intersect with the façade of the building Stable 1897

Window Box Storefront: A selection of three works which through texture and atmospheric editing relate to early experimental film works of Thomas Edison, Stan Brakage and Ingmar Bergman. Each of these artist delve into narratives that explore the humane psyche as well as, share a common visual approach.
  • Chris Lindsay
  • Shana Robbins
  • Oliver Smith
Façade Upstairs Window: Walking down Peters Street pedestrians encounter a moving image in a second story window, in a dark corner of a historic building, that is surreal in nature.
  • Eric Defino
II Garage Projects-- The video calls only stated limitation was that each work was to be 1 minute long. And the randomness out of this loose restriction resulted in a natural communality in content, context and style. The artist being presented here all share everyday mundane affairs by way of waiting, watching and being watched.
  • Nelson Hallonquist
  • Tonia Hughes and Lisa McGuire
  • Nicole Rademacher
  • Ziad Naccache
The Video Box: A stand alone Monitor inside Garage Projects This work reminds the viewer of the over all happy aura American artists elevated through pop art during the 60s and beyond while examining the issues surrounding the intersection of painting and the moving picture.
  • Mark Leibert
III Mélange-- A display of selected submissions that show a cross section of entries that reflect the various approaches, techniques, narratives, and concepts. These works will be on public view in the restaurant SLICE, next door to Garage Projects.
  • Sunny Avens
  • Benjamin Bellas
  • Isidore Bethel
  • Lee Blalock
  • Yosafa Detsch
  • Nichole Gibbs
  • Jess Creede Hinshaw
  • Zubair Lawrence
  • Chanju Lee
  • Roger Mcleod
  • Ross Moreno
  • Jeremy Newman
  • Robert Peterson
  • Chris Riddle
  • Dan Shellenbarger
  • Richard Sudden
  • Joan Tysinger
  • Christina Washington
  • Joseph Whitt
This exhibition is made possible by the donated services from these generous supporters.

Friday, October 10, 2008



Fireworks at 12:00 Midnight, brings Le Flash to a close on October 24. Elliott Street Pub and Iron Pour social ! All are invited !

Allen Peterson

@ Elliott Street Iron Pour October 24

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flash Couture: CALL FOR MODELS

Le Flash Presents
Flash Couture
Produced by: Davide

Model Call
We are casting for fresh faces (24 models - 12 males and 12 females) to rip the runway and rock designs from several Castleberry retailers as well as prominent west and east coast designers.

Download PDF for all of the information: MODEL CALL


Download: Le Flash Volunteer Application

Mind the Gap

Kristina Solomoukha's plans for the fountain that will be on display in Cleopas Park:

Le Flash is Coming!

October 24, 2008

7pm to Midnight

Castleberry Hill District

This fantastical night in Castleberry Hill will feature 30 artist projects—performances and installations, a marching band, the vernissage of a special public art project in Cleopas Park, and fireworks at midnight!

Please enjoy yourselves and be mindful of our Castleberry neighbors.

Scheduled Highlights

9pm Meet Kristina Solomoukha at Mind the Gap Fountain

Cleopas R. Johnson Park

Walk west on Fair or Larkin Streets and cross Northside Drive to the Park

Listen for the marching band that will signal this event.

Please Note: Park closes at 11pm.


10pm Flash Couture: A Runway Project produced by Davide Stennett

Bradberry St. at the corner of Fair Street/between Peters and Walker Streets

Come early to view a 20-minute flash of high fashion.


10:45pm LExtravaganza Begins!

On the roof of Besharat Gallery, 175 Peters St. SW

Kristofer Lamey’s sound and light show becomes more extravagant every 20 minutes.

Midnight Iron Pour and Fireworks! @ Elliott Street Pub

51 Elliott St. SW

Artists performing an iron pour invite you to witness a blast of Fire, Sparks and Flame.


The Green Solution: Park @ Lindbergh MARTA station and take the train south to Garnett Station. Other easy Park and Ride Options: Inman Park, East Lake, Avondale Stations. Exit Trinity Street side. 

Public Parking Downtown if you must! Available in lots at the intersection of Trinity Ave. and Spring St. 

Le Flash Shuttle service is provided every 10 minutes. The route loops from Peters Street at Castleberry Street to Garnett Station, with one stop each way at the Trinity Ave. public parking lot.
Look for Le Flash Shuttle signs or ask volunteers in Yellow Le Flash T-Shirts for directions to Castleberry Hill. From Garnett station, the walk to Castleberry Hill takes 10 minutes.

Where to Find Le Flash Projects

Each site-specific Flash Project has been assigned a number on a Le Flash map to be posted online and available the night of the event. 

One Minute/One Night video projects are presented inside and outside Garage Projects, Stable 1897 and Slice. See attached list of participating video artists!

For this night only, Bradberry St. becomes a pedestrian path of performance and light.

Please see attached list of All Le Flash Artist Projects!

Look for these and other illuminated happenings as you wander through the district.

Participating Eateries

Elliott Street Pub, 51 Elliott St. SW

M Bar, 257 Peters St. SW

No Mas, 180 Walker St. SW

Pearl Lounge, 253 Peters St. SW

Slice, 259 Peters Street SW

Tilt, 274 Walker St. SW

Special Thanks to Tilt, the hub of our Le Flash production!

255 Tapas Lounge, 255 Peters St. SW

Wasabi, 180 Walker St. SW

This project is co-curated by Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler.

Special thanks to Friends of Cleopas Park and members of the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association, and to participating galleries and small businesses, along with the Le Flash Project Team and the throng of volunteers who energize Le Flash.

Our Sponsors: French Cultural Services, French Consulate in Atlanta, the French American Fund For Contemporary Art, the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program and the Fulton County Arts Council, GSU Ernest G. Welch School Gallery, Savannah College of Art & Design-Atlanta, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Besharat Gallery, Castleberry Point, Arthur M. Gensler and Associates, H.J. Russell & Co., No Mas, Pearl Lounge, Tilt, Slice, Metropolitan Public Art Coalition, and Gary Motley, State Farm Insurance.